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April 14, 2012
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Commission: Felicia by jaimito Commission: Felicia by jaimito
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AlmeidaVladimir18 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014
Lovely! Love 
jesschan Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
jesschan Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Beautifully done
MissPinks Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
im surprised at the lack of comments about the distortion of her body.
that pose with the butt turned up but the chest turned down is completely impossible. it looks as if the top of her spine must be bent towards us. She has no volume in her closest hip which might have caused the problem. From this view her closest breast should actually be where her farthest breast is atm. also the bottom area of her foot should be seen a bit, not the top like that. it must be really twisted sideways.
If you can't see what i mean, imagine drawing her in this pose from the front..
Well anyway the colouring is really nice, it's just strange to see someone who is clearly skilled in one area make such obvious and odd mistakes in another o-o

anyway sorry if that seemed a bit harsh to you, but i hope you consider what i said. you clearly have a lot of great compliments on this work so im sure you dont need me to butter it up :D
jaimito Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013
Thanks for the critique, I always like to learn from other artists.
Is well known for the people who follows my work that I'm not very good with anatomy, even when I'm working with photo references like in this piece there is always something odd in the way I draw. I think that this is because I have been always be very focused in color and other aspects of drawing.
Sericulus Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013
I am surprised that fellow artist critiquing someone else Commission piece.

Its Perfect to me !
Love it + won't have it any other way.

Thanks again Jaimito.
MissPinks Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
i understand. i think your coloring is really lovely so if you started to become more skilled with anatomy your art would look really good.
EVILcubeLemon Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013
very nice!
Ryouta-kun Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Adorable~! :3
Amalthea16 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
o.o Oh wow, this is definitely one of the best Felicias I've seen.
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